Friday, October 24, 2008

Oreo Truffles

I found this recipe on Sweet Pea Patisserie last week. I thought it looked interesting, and certainly was *easy*, so I asked S what she thought. "YES!" She launched herself into my lap. I think she was pretty excited!

My neighbor and dear friend has a 3 year old son, P, who likes to play with S and A. My friend is trying so hard to get P to transition to no nap. S already is fine with no nap, so I suggested we make these at nap time. S and I ground up the oreos in advance, and quickly mixed the oreos into the cream cheese when they arrived. Then I portioned out the mixture onto plates, and we all made balls (very inconsistent in size) onto parchment paper-lined trays. Then I popped the trays into the fridge while the kids went outside to play.

In the meantime, I melted white chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, and dark chocolate. Color me stupid, because after adding the heavy cream to temper the chocolate, the bittersweet and the dark were fairly indistinguishable. Doh! I also poured some unsweetened grated coconut unto a plate for rolling, and pulled out some artificial coloring* to make small amounts of colored white chocolate. Lastly, we used a variety of sprinkles for decorating. The original recipe called for cocoa as an option, but I didn't see little kids thinking that was so exciting, so we didn't use that.

The results were OUTSTANDING. I have never seen my kids move so fast to shove something in their mouths. A was drooling like a two year old while she ate her truffle. Even my husband, who is "meh" about chocolate could not get enough.

Unfortunately, between the ones that were eaten and the ones that went home with my neighbors, there were not enough decent looking ones for photos. However, I promised the girls that we could make some more for a party we are attending tomorrow. I'm thinking orange coloring for the white chocolate makes for some very Halloween -looking candy!

*S and I are actually allergic to artificial coloring. We aren't in huge trouble with the small amounts we ingested with this candy project, but large quantities of dye will cause us to have sore and swollen lips, among other things. How I ended up adopting a child with the same weird allergy is beyond me. I guess it proves we were meant for each other!

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